Why Probiotics

An overlooked key to understanding complete well-being.


Everybody needs a healthy gut

There are at least as many bacteria living in your digestive tract as there are cells in your body.[1] But do not get the wrong idea. This abundance of microscopic bugs, known as your microbiome, carries tremendous power over your health. Over time, factors like stress, aging, diet, environmental toxins, medicines, and a sedentary lifestyle can all lead to a lack of microbial abundance and diversity. Maintaining a healthy balance of these beneficial bacteria is important for immune and digestive function, skin health, cognition, mood, and much more.


How much is enough?

While there is no consensus on how many colony-forming units (CFU) to take daily, research generally points to 1–20 billion CFU as appropriate. In fact, there is little research to support taking probiotics in larger doses. For most people, it is the strains that matter more than amounts.[2]

Manufacturing process

All of our probiotics are guaranteed vegan, dairy-free, and non-GMO. Third-party experts independently verify every single batch of our probiotics for quality and potency (number of CFUs), and also verify that our products are free from allergens and contaminants.


Delivery and stability matter

We take great care to provide probiotics that can survive exposure to the harsh acids and digestive enzymes in your stomach before reaching the gut, where they have the most significant effects on health. All of our probiotics also come with added prebiotic fibre to increase the viability of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

We know you are more likely to take your probiotics if you can throw them in a bag and take them with you wherever you go, so we have formulated our products to maintain effectiveness without refrigeration.

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